Tony A.

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Leslie and the staff at Kootenay Hearing Aid & Audiology Clinic when my former audiologist seemed unable to help me.  Leslie took her time to listen to my concerns and after thorough hearing tests, proved my old hearing aids were incapable of the required adjustment.  As I have unequal hearing loss, she felt I would benefit from a cross-over style hearing aid, and also took into account the comfort issue I was having.  Kootenay Hearing Aid and Audiology clinic have a good rapport with my hearing aid provider, and Leslie was able to negotiate early replacement hearing aids for me.  I am very happy with my new hearing aids, and can communicate better in all environments including using the phone.  I feel more comfortable attending social functions as I can now join in the conversations.  I would recommend anyone with hearing concerns to visit the Kootenay Hearing Aid and Audiology Clinic.  Their staff are very professional and provide a friendly atmosphere.

Violet K.

I felt it was time for me to look into getting some help with my hearing problem, so I made a visit to Kootenay Hearing Aid & Audiology Clinic in Castlegar.  I was greeted by two very friendly young ladies. My hearing problem was checked out and I was fit with hearing aids that improved my ability to hear and they are so very comfortable to wear.  I now can enjoy conversations with family and friends. It was also good to know that I could come back anytime to receive help I may need.

Dennis S.

​From the moment I walked into the Kootenay Hearing Aid and Audiology Clinic I was greeted by friendly staff who all seemed to know alot about hearing aids, hearing protection and testing.  I was looking for a hearing protector that I could use when hunting.  The lady at the front desk asked if I had hearing loss and told me about hearing products that were made to help protect the ears for hunters. This got me excited.  The next thing I knew I was tested for hearing loss and then fit with a set of "instant fit" hearing aids that help me hear environmental sounds but protect me from the loud shot of my gun.  I couldn't be happier with the service I received.