Services of Kootenay Hearing Clinic

Hearing Testing

Our offices provide two types of hearing tests;

1. Diagnostic hearing evaluations  are performed by Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners.

A diagnostic hearing evaluation includes:

  • pure tone air conduction

  • bone conduction

  • evaluation of your speech discrimination abilities

  • finding your comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels

  • evaluation of your ear drums,  middle ear bones and reflexes. 

This evaluation takes about one hour to complete. ​


2. Hearing screenings and industrial hearing tests are performed by Audiometric Technicians. 

Hearing screenings include:

  • pure tone air conduction testing

  • counselling 

  • evaluation of the clients hearing protection

This type of test takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

Hearing Aids

Kootenay Hearing Clinics can provide what other hearing clinics may not; we sell all makes and models of hearing aids from manufacturers all over the world. We work hard at always finding new and better products.  Hearing aids come in all sizes including completely invisible in the canal hearing aids.   Click Here  to see images of styles of hearing aids.

Today's wireless technology allows us to fit our clients with Cros type systems for people with only one useable ear.  Through bluetooth technology, you can answer your cellphone or home phone "hands free" directly through your hearing aids without touching your phone.  Bluetooth hearing aids allows you to use your hearing aids like wireless headphones to connect to devices like ipods, mp3 players, GPS, computers and televisions. 

We have products for everyone, from the simplest to operate to  more complex devices for the techno- savy. 

We offer repairs to all makes and models of hearing aids.

We sell hearing aids and other products to fit all budgets. 

We offer trial periods so you can assess the benefit possible through hearing aids prior to purchasing them.

We offer payment plans for those that can't afford to pay for the hearing products up front or check out our  discounted pricing or our Rent Better Hearing  Program.


Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is so important for your hearing health.  A simple task like using a chainsaw to cut your firewood, going to a concert, or listening to your MP3 player too loud could cause hearing loss to unprotected ears. 

We make custom molded hearing protectors for adequate, comfortable and reliable protection.  These can be made either vented or solid for different levels of noise exposure and communication needs.  Custom protectors are made of a soft, flexible, silicone material, molded exactly to your ear shape. 

We also make custom ear pieces for your headphones.  Other types of hearing protection that are available in our offices are sleep/snore plugs, swim plugs,  flying plugs,  musician's plugs, biker buddies and hunter/shooter plugs.  Call or come in for full details. 

Assistive Listening Devices

Not ready for a hearing aid yet? Can't afford a hearing aid? We have other less expensive solutions.

FM systems and Pocket Talkers are hand held amplifiers typically worn with corded or wireless headphones to amplify everything around you. 

Do people complain that you turn the TV up to loud?  We have the perfect fix with our infra-red and FM TV ears.  Now you can listen to the TV at the volume setting you like while others watching with you can set the volume at their preferred listening level.

Cant' hear your alarm clock ringing?  Try our new Sonic Boom Alarm clock.  It wakes you up with either an extremely loud (sonic boom) buzzer or has a bedshaker attachment that is placed under your pillow or mattress that vibrates to wake you up. 

Can't hear the phone ringing?  Try our amplified telephones that boost the volume of the person speaking and it also boosts the volume of the ringer on the phone.  We also provide similar devices for doorells, baby monitors and smoke  alarms.

Families can rest easy knowing their hard of hearing loved one can get out of the house in the case of a fire or that they are not missing important phone calls.